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The Nashville Tribute Band is a Mormon music group founded by Jason Deere and Dan Truman, the pianist of the popular country group Diamond Rio. In 2003, songwriter and record producer Jason Deere began teaching the Old and New Testament in an early morning LDS seminary class for high school students in Franklin, Tennessee. His research and teaching inspired him to write an album of songs about the early history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), from 1820 to 1844. The album Joseph: A Nashville Tribute To The Prophet was co-produced with Deere's longtime friend Dan Truman, of Diamond Rio. Dan Truman also wrote one of the songs on the album. The album was released by Deseret Books’ Highway Records in 2005 and it became one of Deseret Books’ best selling albums, winning Pearl Awards for Contemporary Album Of The Year, Inspirational Recording Of The Year (Emma), Contemporary Instrumental Recorded Song Of The Year (Say Uncle), Songwriter Of The Year (Jason Deere). The LDS Booksellers Association also awarded the album a 2006 Listener's Choice Award for Album Of The Year and awarded Deere a 2006 Listener's Choice Award for Best New Artist.

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